hoc-trade is a 100% data-driven behavioral analytics platform for Crypto & Forex traders. The vast majority of retail traders loses money, and active trader tend to fall into similar loss-making patterns, which are mostly behavioral driven, such as revenge trading, overtrading, or cutting their profits too early. At hoc-trade, we identify your trading patterns (profit & loss making patterns), visualize them for you in our easy-to-understand dashboards, and warn you in case you are acting in one of your previously identified loss-making patterns again. All fully automated in our web application.

We strive to support traders in finding their trading edge and soften the impact of loss making patterns in order to increase the trading profitability.


hoc-trade technologies Co.Ltd.

For any inquiries, please reach out to info@hoc-trade.com

Who is hoc-trade?


We are a team of young people coming from the industries of finance, data science, and information technology. Despite our different backgrounds, we share one interest: Trading! Walking down the path as lonely traders, we found ourselves lost in countless investment analysis theories, economic news, etc..

We suffered from anxiety and emotional frustration as traders, and made every mistake a rookie could possibly make. Throughout this path, we developed tools for ourselves to improve our trading, but we had to search many places to do so or even develop it completely by ourselves. We were craving for a one-stop platform, which is easy to comprehend for beginners, but also powerful for professional traders. We did not find it, so we built it – hoc-trade! And we are continuously trying to make it better, everyday.